Metering & Compliance


Australia’s water metering standards are globally recognised as the gold-standard.

NSW is at the forefront of non-urban water metering, with a new Non-Urban Water Metering Policy being rolled out to further improve the standard and coverage of metering across NSW by 2023. Under this Policy, about 95% of licensed water take will require metering to these standards. 

The objectives of the reform are to ensure that: 

  • the vast majority of licensed water take is accurately metered
  • meters are accurate, tamper proof and auditable
  • undue costs on smaller water users are minimised
  • metering requirements are practical and can be implemented effectively.

NSWIC endorses National Metering Standards and expects all Australian states to apply the standards. NSWIC recognises the leadership of NSW in meeting National Metering Standards, and going above the standard in some instances (e.g. telemetry), by implementing an ambitious, high-standard and world-leading metering reform.

NSWIC supports the continued improvement of metering, monitoring & measurement actions for all water users across the state. 


NSWIC has a strict zero-tolerance approach to water theft, and non-compliance with water laws.

The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) is an independent regulator responsible for enforcing compliance with natural resource laws, and also work to ensure that water users know their responsibilities under the water laws. You can think of NRAR as the ‘water police’. 

NRAR offices are on the ground across the state to actively monitor and audit the use of surface water and groundwater, and to respond to and investigate reports of alleged breaches. NRAR also use technology including state-of-the-art satellite imagery, drones, motion-activated surveillance cameras and intelligent data to monitor unlawful water take. With boots on the ground and eyes in the skies, you simply can’t get away with doing the wrong thing (and that’s the way it should be)!  
The vast majority of water users do the right thing, and want to follow water laws.

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