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The NSW Irrigators’ Council is the peak body representing irrigation farmers and the irrigation industry in NSW. Our members include food and fibre groups, irrigation infrastructure operators, valley water user associations and commodity groups from the rice, cotton, dairy and horticultural industries.
Through our members, the NSW Irrigators’ Council represents 12,000 water access licence holders in NSW who access regulated, unregulated and groundwater systems.

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  Latest press releases:

Balmy evening out here in the Lowbidgee near Balranald. Magic country, beginning to boom from recent watering.

@MD_Basin_Auth weekly report is full of good information but it doesn’t give the full picture. We’d like to see it expanded to include what’s going on in the northern Basin, too.

@southernriverin @NSWDPIE_Water We encourage people to read the article. NSWIC position has not changed. 39% is pre-2000. Since then flows in Murray and Darling have almost halved due to changing climate as per many recent reports. Low inflows have crippled reliability for all, the pain is felt across the State

@melissagray19 We’re not ignoring the northern Basin. The issue to hand at Minco this week was SDLAM deadlines, and the SDLAM projects drawing attention to constraints management are all in the southern Basin.

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