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The NSW Irrigators’ Council is the peak body representing irrigation farmers and the irrigation industry in NSW. Our members include food and fibre groups, irrigation infrastructure operators, valley water user associations and commodity groups from the rice, cotton, dairy and horticultural industries.
Through our members, the NSW Irrigators’ Council represents 12,000 water access licence holders in NSW who access regulated, unregulated and groundwater systems.

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@MattWhittaker15 @HorneLegal @thelandnews Not much opportunity to store in Lake Victoria, though -- it's a small regulating storage, only a tad over 500GL, and already 88% full. If it bypasses Lake Menindee, the water is more likely to be counted as unregulated flow from which only SA benefits.

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Authorised officers must show their authorised officer identification card on request.

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@HorneLegal @thelandnews Agree. Menindee is looking likely to hit the 640 GL trigger to switch to MDBA control for the first time in years, and irrigators on the Murray should get the benefit.

@HorneLegal @thelandnews The 2010 BP Guide reflected inflow modelling from 1895 to 2009, which included the wetter last few decades of the last century. The metrics of the last 20 years, with more frequent extreme drought conditions experienced, are a better guide to the future under climate change.

@NSWDPIE_Water webinar to be held for NSW Govt response to @accc report

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