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The NSW Irrigators’ Council is the peak body representing irrigation farmers and the irrigation industry in NSW. Our members include food and fibre groups, irrigation infrastructure operators, valley water user associations and commodity groups from the rice, cotton, dairy and horticultural industries.
Through our members, the NSW Irrigators’ Council represents 12,000 water access licence holders in NSW who access regulated, unregulated and groundwater systems.

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  Latest press releases:

High Security water entitlements hit a high of $8000/ML in the Murray below the Choke last week. Anyone who thinks more buybacks are the answer if the SDLAM projects fall short, needs to bring a very big chequebook along.

Floodplain harvesting must be reduced, licensed and measured, but in unregulated river systems, storing water when there's plenty helps keep farms, jobs and regional towns going when droughts set in. Farmers store only a fraction of floods, leaving the rest for the environment.

I thought it's worth mentioning, as I got asked yesterday, I don't get paid to tweet about cotton, this is me sharing as a farmer, I started the account many years ago, because I was so disheartened, often flabbergasted by the misinformation about cotton & our farming practices.

Fines for water theft must be high enough to be a deterrent, not just a cost of doing business. Water theft is not widespread among landholders in NSW, but there's always a few who try it on. They deserve more than a slap on the wrist @NRAR

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