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New Floodplain Harvesting Measurement Policy: The Old Days are Gone, Bring on Change

The long-awaited Floodplain Harvesting Measurement Policy released today is a big step forward to ensure all water take is accurately metered and managed.

“The Policy uses the latest in telemetry and metering technology, and as an industry, we expect nothing less”, said NSW Irrigators’ Council interim CEO, Claire Miller.

“If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed – so now with firm metering requirements in place, the community will have more trust that floodplain harvesting is being managed at sustainable levels.”

“These floodplain harvesting and metering reforms are just the latest in a wave of recent reforms that have modernised the water management system our irrigation farmers must comply with.”

NSW will be the first state in Australia to meter floodplain harvesting. It is the only state to have an independent agency with ‘water police’ with boots on the ground and satellites in the sky ensuring full compliance with water laws.

“The old days are gone, for good,” said Ms Miller.

“The irrigation industry has embraced these changes, and we look forward to the public appreciating also that the times have changed.”

“Our new state-wide metering requirements for all water take are now recognised as the highest metering standards globally – so high that meter manufacturers around the world have had to step up a level to make the gold-standard devices required.”

“Under this Policy, every drop of floodplain water harvested must be strictly metered using the latest in telemetry and metering technology. The total volume that can be used will be capped at sustainable levels consistent with the Murray Darling Basin Plan.”

The new requirements will come into effect from 1 July 2021. NSW irrigators say bring it on.

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