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Kean to come to the same table

In response to todays Sydney Morning Herald article , NSW Irrigators’ Council interim CEO Claire Miller said “It’s time we put an end to this farming vs environment narrative, and start working together constructively.”

“We met with Minister Kean because it’s time we all move on from the unhelpful age old divide, and come to the same table to have important conversations about sustainability.”

“Dismissing farmers as not being stakeholders within the environment portfolio just perpetuates the same narratives that simply don’t exist on the ground.”

“We have tremendous examples in NSW of irrigation farmers leading the way in restoring river systems – from our irrigation systems delivering water to Ramsar listed wetlands; farmers providing drought refuges to wildlife; farmers voluntarily maintaining a largely undisturbed riparian corridor between major river systems providing important platypus habitat; significant uptake of solar power (enabling 500 tonnes less greenhouse gas emissions each year on just one farm); farming families literally carrying buckets of fish to water when the rivers ran dry amidst the drought; and our farmers now being recognised as the most water efficient growers producing more crop per drop than anywhere else in the world (with up to 50% less water).”

“Irrigation farmers are now leading the way, we have moved on and changed, and we need Government to recognise that and catch up.”

“We invite Minister Kean to meet with us again. We have no hard feelings, but we remind the Minister that this is an important historic opportunity to reshape the paradigm.”

“Our sector is already at the table, and we hope the Minister will join us.”

“The way forward is working together.”

For further information:
Claire Miller – CEO NSW Irrigators’ Council

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