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Irrigators ‘double up’ on the pathway to compliance

A doubling in full compliance with NSW’s new metering standards highlights the eagerness of water users to get on with the job of upgrading their meters to meet new standards.

The Natural Resource Access Regulator’s September Compliance Report shows 54% of Tranche 1 irrigators are fully compliant with the NSW Non-Urban Metering Policy, up from 23% in July, with the rest on a clear pathway to full compliance by November.¹

“The doubling off full compliance is extremely pleasing,” said NSWIC CEO Claire Miller.

“Despite barriers to compliance outside their control, we have frequently heard of water users going to great lengths to meet the new requirements. It’s great to see their efforts reflected in the latest compliance progress report.”

The policy requires water users to upgrade their meters to a new gold standard, the highest in Australia. Full compliance requires a tamper-proof AS4747 meter and a Local Intelligence Device (LID) capable of transmitting data back to WaterNSW’s Data Acquisition System.

The sector welcomes NRAR’s acknowledgement of significant barriers to compliance in addition to offering clear pathways to reporting these issues. Barriers acknowledged by NRAR include faulty new metering equipment and insufficient mobile connectivity to transmit telemetry data.

“Issues such as mobile blackspots and faults in new equipment have long plagued irrigators,” Ms Miller said. “It has left anxious water users feeling they are at the ‘whim’ of the regulator.”

“Providing water users with clearly outlined processes for reporting and addressing these issues goes a long way to easing their concerns.”

With another big jump in compliance numbers expected in December, NSWIC believes the continuation of clear and effective communication between water users and NRAR is crucial to ensuring the successful implementation of the Metering Policy.

“Industry supports the Metering Policy and believes positive steps such as this bode well as we approach the 1 December deadline for several thousand irrigators in Tranche 2,” said Ms Miller.

If you are a water user eligible for Tranche 2 or have any questions about the metering reform, contact your local DQP on the Irrigation Australia Search Directory here.


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