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Future Drought Fund announcement

Today the Australian Government announced the foundational programs for the Future Drought Fund. NSW Irrigators’ Council (NSWIC) Interim CEO, Claire Miller, said:

“We cannot forget that the drought continues.”

“Drought recovery is a long and difficult road.”

“Farmers are the hardest hit by droughts, so we welcome these programs designed to improve their resilience to the devastating impacts of droughts.”

NSWIC particularly welcomes the ‘Drought Resilience Research and Adoption’ program, after calling for government investment in research & development for water efficient agriculture.

“We are proud that Australian irrigation farmers are recognised as the most water efficient farmers globally. We must continue to invest in research, development and extension to ensure our global reputation of a high-tech and sustainable industry continues into the future.”

“Australian irrigation farmers get more crop per drop than anywhere else in the world.”

NSWIC welcome other measures such as the ‘Climate Services for Agriculture Program’.

“The ability for farm businesses to have information available to plan for the impacts of a variable and changing climate will be critical for resilience.”

“Whilst these measures are very much welcomed, the core challenges for irrigation farmers remains the ongoing water reforms reducing water access for farming.”

For further information:
Claire Miller – Interim CEO, NSW Irrigators’ Council
0409 509 677

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