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 NSW Irrigators’ Council

The NSW Irrigators’ Council is the peak body representing irrigation farmers and the irrigation industry in NSW. Our members include food and fibre groups, irrigation infrastructure operators, valley water user associations and commodity groups from the rice, cotton, dairy and horticultural industries. Through our members, the NSW Irrigators’ Council represents 12,000 water access licence holders in NSW who access regulated, unregulated and groundwater systems.

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  Latest press releases:

An interesting perspective on the impact of the online attacks our hardworking growers have been enduring recently ➡️ https://t.co/ry3jMGkNCg #FactsMatters #CottonFacts

The Australian cotton industry is the most water efficient in the world. Hear from a NSW grower how it’s done. Thanks @CottonAustralia

.@nswirrigators' Luke Simpkins: When you look at the amount of water that’s been released from the Menindee Lakes system, you have to ask whether that was in compliance with the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

MORE: https://t.co/ykweMevBOK #Richo

.@nswirrigators' Luke Simpkins: A lot of people say let’s just have more water in the rivers; let’s take more away from irrigation farmers. Well, do a socioeconomic impact assessment ... and stand by the down and the upside to it.

MORE: https://t.co/ykweMevBOK #Richo

NSW Irrigators' Council sent a submission on the "Draft Floodplain Harvesting Monitoring and Auditing Strategy" to the Department of Industry. Read it here: https://t.co/rtul0gmfaw #floodplainharvesting #water

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