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 NSW Irrigators’ Council

The NSW Irrigators’ Council is the peak body representing irrigation farmers and the irrigation industry in NSW. Our members include food and fibre groups, irrigation infrastructure operators, valley water user associations and commodity groups from the rice, cotton, dairy and horticultural industries. Through our members, the NSW Irrigators’ Council represents 12,000 water access licence holders in NSW who access regulated, unregulated and groundwater systems.

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  Latest press releases:

The NSW Irrigators' Council just submitted their response to the MDBA Climate Change Discussion Paper #iFarmers #EnvIrrigators

NSWIC Media Release: NSW Irrigators’ Council cautiously welcomed the release of the final Report of Independent Panel into fish deaths in the Lower Darling and said it should bring about an end to the blame game.

Media Release "Cotton export ban proposal a case of misinformed debate":

NSWIC Statement on our Submission on the Cotton Export Ban proposal – “This would have no impact on the amount of water in the system… We can’t fall into the trap of letting misinformation and misunderstanding lead to misinformed policy” CEO of NSWIC.

Water storage levels in the northern MDB are now lower than at any point during the Millennium Drought. Special Climate Statement from @BOM_au

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