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Submission to the Senate Inquiry Government Response to the Drought. [HERE]

Submission to the Interim Inspector General Inquiry into management of Murray–Darling Basin water resources. [HERE]

Submission to the Select Committee on the Multi-Jurisdictional Management and Execution of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan [HERE]

Submission to the Draft Report to the Independent Assessment of Social and Economic Conditions in the Basin  [HERE]

Comments on the Bellinger River Area Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources Water Sharing Plans  [HERE ]

Letter to DPIE regarding Richmond-Wilson Water Sharing Plans [HERE]

Letter to WaterNSW regarding cease-to-pump orders in Richmond-Wilson Catchment [HERE]

Letter to The Hon. Andrew Constance MP regarding the Brogo Dam Upgrade [HERE]

Letter to WaterNSW regarding the use of the Customer Jury in Rural and WAMC Price Determinations [HERE ] 

Submission to the Independent Review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 [HERE ]

Submission to the ACCC Murray-Darling Basin Water Markets Inquiry [HERE ]

Letter to Minister regarding NSW Groundwater Water Sharing Plans and Water Resource Plan Finalisation [HERE ]

Comments on the Draft NSW Great Artesian Basin Groundwater Sources 2020 [HERE]

Letter to Department of Water, Energy and Planning regarding State-wide WSP Issues and Agreed Amendments from NSW Irrigation Industry [HERE]

NSWIC Water Blueprint 2020-21 [HERE ]

 IPART Annual Review of Water NSW’s Rural Bulk Water Regulated Charges in the Murray-Darling Basin and Fish River for 2020-21 [HERE]

NSWIC comments on Draft IPART report for the Annula Review of NSW 2020/21 [HERE ]

 Inquiry on the Impact and Implementation of the Water Management (General) Amendment (Exemptions for Floodplain Harvesting) Regulation 2020 [HERE]

 Independent Assessment of the Northern Basin First Flush [HERE]

 Inquiry into the provisions of the Constitution Amendment (Water Accountability and Transparency) Bill 2020 and the provisions of the Water Management Amendment (Transparency of Water Rights) Bill 2020 and the Water Management Amendment (Water Allocations – Drought Information) Bill 2020 [ HERE]

 NSWIC Submission to the Productivity Commission on National Water Reform [ HERE]

 NSWIC Submission on WaterNSW Rural Bulk Water Prices Length of Determination from 1 July 2021 [ HERE]

 NSWIC Submission on the Management (General) Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2020 [ HERE]

 NSWIC Submission on Review of WaterNSW Rural Bulk Water Prices from 1 July 2021 [ HERE]

 NSWIC Submission on Regional Water Strategies  [ HERE]

 Submission on Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation)
Bill 2020 and Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation)
(Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2020  [

 Submission on Proposed legislative amendments for floodplain harvesting in NSW  [ HERE]