17 December 2020  – Crack Open the Allocation Blackbox to Find Underuse

09 December 2020   – ICAC Findings and Recommendations Reassuring

23 November 2020   – Ministers must Find a Basin Plan Circuit Breaker

16 November 2020   – Pricing Framework Fails on Public Interest Objectives

11 November 2020   – NSW Irrigators Turn Attention to Climate Change

05 November 2020   – NSW Irrigators appoint CEO, new directors

21 October 2020   – Water users need certainty on floodplain harvesting 

19 October 2020   – National Water Week: Future is now for water in NSW

16 October 2020   – Bigger Burden, Reduced Services for Irrigators

7 October 2020   – Budget: water security more important than ever 

1 October 2020   – The switch for irrigation farming 

22 September 2020   – Disallowance doesn’t disallow FPH, but disallows better regulation

16 September 2020   – Proposed Price hike a blow for NSW Irrigators

4 September 2020   – Reality Check on Basin Plan at Long Last 

6 August 2020   – New FPH Measurement Policy: The Old Days are Gone, Bring on Change 

30 July 2020   – ACCC Report: A Case for Comprehensive Change

13 July 2020   – Overdue facts flushed out in First Flush draft report

 22 June 2020   –  Basin States slammed as insensitive and counterproductive 

16 June 2020 – SDLAM Progress Report Concerns 

 25 May 2020  – Water Sharing Plans must work for everyone 

18 May 2020 – Rejection not Protection 

  12 May 2020 – Lower Lakes Report

01 May 2020 – Efficiency Measures

 17 April 2020  Inspector-General Report

  15 April 2020  – Water Crisis Meeting 

08 April 2020 − NSWIC Blueprint for Government 

07 April 2020 − Social & Economic Assessment 

29 March 2020  − Response to Flood Plain Harvesting Claims

 27 March 2020  − Irrigation Farmers Feeding Australia

10 March 2020  − NSWIC Welcomes Independent Assessment 

27 February 2020 −  Royal Commission calls by NSW Nationals

21 February 2020 − Northern Basin Embargoes 

19 February 2020 − NSW Should Not Go From Flow to Woe

18 February 2020 − NSWIC Calls for Clear Plans for Drought Recovery 

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Media Information Initiative

The NSWIC Media Information Initiative is a platform for journalists and media to get access to irrigation farmers in NSW.

It is important for our integrity as an industry that people can understand how our water management system works, and why farmers use irrigation.

We need a change of perception so that people understand why irrigation is important to efficient and sustainable food production.

We are proud that Australia’s irrigation farmers are some of the most water efficient in the world. What our farmers can get out of the water they do have is a true testament to the industry.  

Irrigation technology/infrastructure allows farmers to be more resilient to the harsh realities of Australia’s dry climate, and allows all Australians to continue to have a supply of high-quality fresh produce.

Without the use of irrigation, yields would be lower, meaning we would have to use more water to maintain the same amount of food and fibre production.

What we need is to ensure the public has access to this information. Providing this information to show the integrity and sustainability of our industry requires collaboration.

If you’re a journalist, or involved in the media, and would like to get involved, please get in touch [HERE]. In your expression of interest, please include:

  • Your name, organisation and position
  • Where or what you would like to see
  • When you’re keen to go.

We can take it from there. We look forward to hearing from you.