January 2020  

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 December 2019  

In this newsletter, hear about:

  • Ministerial Council summary;
  • Independent Expert Panel to Investigate River Flows;
  • Independent Assessment of Social and Economic Conditions in the Basin;
  • NSW Chief Scientist review of bottled water;
  • and more. 


November 2019 

In this newsletter, hear about:

  • our internal Policy process and work;
  • our work on the Water Vision 2050;
  • the NSW Productivity Commission;
  • our meeting with the Inspector-General for the Murray-Darling Basin;
  • and more. 

October 2019 

In this newsletter, hear about:

  • Response from DPIE re Murray allocations;
  • Water Resource Plans;
  • Public engagement sessions;
  • Water Industry Innovation Workshop recap;
  • and more. 

September 2019 

In this newsletter, hear about:

  • The current drought;
  • Work done by NRAR;
  • Floodplain Harvesting;
  • NSWIC work;
  • and more. 

August 2019 

In this newsletter, hear about:

  • Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council meeting;
  • Independent MDB socio-economic assessment;
  • ACCC Inquiry into Murray-Darling Basin water markets;
  • NSWIC submissions;
  • and more. 

July 2019

In this newsletter, hear about:

  • Drought affecting rural communities;
  • 4 Corners program “Cash Splash”;
  • NSW Irrigators’ Council General Meeting recap;
  • NSWIC submissions;
  • and more. 

June 2019

In this newsletter, hear about:

  • Federal Election outcomes;
  • Independent assessment of social and economic conditions in the Basin;
  • Water Markets & ACCC Review;
  • NSW Budget;
  • Deliverability;
  • and more. 

May 2019

This monthly newsletter gives you an update on what has been happening for our industry, as well as an overview of the work of NSWIC during the previous month. 
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