1. Press Releases

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      14 February 2018

      Irrigators Call for Basin Ministers to meet on Plan Future

      08 February 2018

      Irrigators push back against more farm water recovery

      06 February 2018

      Labor 'shameful politics' on Basin Plan slammed

      16 November 2017

      Irrigators call for immediate reset of the Water Compliance System

      24 October 2017

      Irrigators call out Wentworth Group on Basin Plan

      09 October 2017

      Irrigators Call For Audit Of SA Water Take

      23 June 2017

      NSW Irrigators Welcome Tandou Water Buyback

      19 June 2017

      Irrigators Urge Government to Commit to Finkel Review

      25 May 2017

      Irrigators to see massive electricity price hikes following Federal Court decision

      08 May 2017

      Irrigators back submission to Grid Modernisation inquiry

      16 March 2017

      Irrigators' Water Charges Must Remain Fair & Transparent

      17 February 2017

      Federal Opposition Risk Trashing Basin Plan

      18 November 2016

      SA Selfishness on Basin Plan Laid Bare

      29 September 2016

      No Further Water Buybacks Until Full Impact of Basin Plan in Southern Basin is Known

      18 August 2016

      Irrigators Urge COAG Energy Council

      12 August 2016

      MDBA Move on Regional Engagement

      16 June 2016

      Irrigators Welcome Broken Hill Pipeline

      11 May 2016

      Irrigators Call for Cast-Iron Assurance on Water Plans

      03 May 2016

      Carp Virus Should Reduce Need for More Water Recovery

      26 April 2016

      Irrigators Welcome First Industry Intern

      21 April 2016

      Water Ministers Must Agree a More Flexible Approach

      30 March 2016

      Joint release CA NSWIC AER

      18 March 2016

      NSW Irrigators Welcome Senate Report

      29 February 2016

      Joint release CA NSWIC ACT overturns AER

      14 December 2015

      Media release Electricity tariff structure CA NSWIC

      19 November 2015

      NSW Networks Fail to Address Excessive Electricity Costs Faced by Growers and Irrigators

      21 September 2015

      NSWIC Applaud New Water Portfolio Decision

      30 April 2015

      AER Delivers on Network Determination

      10 April 2015

      NSW Irrigators Disappointed with Energy White Paper

      23 March 2015

      Irrigators Call Out Candidates On False Statements

      19 March 2015

      NSWIC Call for Action

      10 March 2015

      NSW Irrigators Council Welcomes Move to Cap Water Purchases

      22 January 2015

      NSW Irrigators Cautiously Welcome New MDBA Chair

      10 December 2014

      Irrigators Call for Further Cuts to Electricity Charges

      3 December 2014

      AER Gives Hope to Irrigators in their Power Struggle

      14 November 2014

      State Gas Plan Provides Clear Direction

      30 July 2014

      Irrigators call for an end to rising electricity costs

      27 June 2014

      Irrigators Welcome review of bulk water charges

      29 May 2014

      Irrigators Welcome Water Manangement Act Amendments

      26 May 2014

      Call for Greater Consultation by State Government

      28 March 2014

      Irrigators Sign Landmark Land Access Framework

      27 February 2014

      NSW Signs Basin Plan IGA

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